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School websites made easy!

We believe that school website design shouldn't be a daunting task for any school or nursery. We also think that school websites should be really easy to update without the need of specialist skills or experience. Welcome to Easy School Website.


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Simplifying school website design

We’ve made the process of school website design so easy that it can be done in a matter of minutes using just a few clicks of your mouse. School websites have very specific needs and so we focus on the basics, meaning you won't be bogged down with things that don't matter.

Websites for schools needn't be expensive!

It’s free to register and build a website for your school with no obligation to pay until you choose to publish and put your site live on the web. Once your school website is ready, it can be published to the web for just £175 per year. That’s it, there are no hidden costs, you’ll never receive a bill for anything else.

School websites with no hidden extras

We want every school to be able to create the website they need whether it’s large or small so there are no limits on the number of pages or features, leaving you free to grow your school website over time without any additional costs.

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